Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Balcony Update

Just an update on our balcony garden. The bell pepper is blooming again (although it's still covered in aphids), and the eggplant had an open flower most of last week (it too, has aphid problems, though.) The Roma tomato has little green egg-shaped tomatoes all over the top of it, and the Patio variety is blooming like crazy. We've harvested several more tomatoes from the Cherry in the hanging basket, and the green beans are slowly maturing (we had one in our salad the other evening with dinner.) Oh, and the baby birds have turned into awkward...toddlers? We can see them poking their heads up over the edge of the hanging basket as they wait for their parents to bring them food. Cute, but ugly little things.

Well, I just went out to snap a picture of the little green Romas, and what did I find? A baby Gypsy Bell Pepper! Awesome. I hope we have that kind of good luck with the Eggplant, too.


chigiy said...

Your balcony is producing lots of good stuff.
It's good to encourage birds. We have a lot of birds in our garden and many of them love to dine on aphids.

Sparow said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Birds eating the aphids, now that's a thought...maybe when the babies start to fledge they will oblige. =)